Why You Should Volunteer With Eastside Teen Outreach

We believe that within every teen there is a strong, successful, healthy adult waiting to be discovered. It is Eastside Teen Outreach’s mission to guide teens on the journey to identify their unique gifts, talents and dreams and to help them set goals to ensure their success.

You can be part of that journey.

Being a volunteer with Eastside Teen Outreach is easy and very rewarding. We provide the orientation and support you need to help make your volunteer experience a great one for you and our teens.

You may choose to volunteer for a single day, a single project (like a fundraising event) or on an ongoing basis. And we’ll work with you to match your interests, skills and talents with our programs and facilities.

Examples of volunteer opportunities include:

  • Teen Mentoring
  • Event Chaperones
  • Kitchen Help
  • Skills Teachers
  • Office Administration
  • Event
  • Fund Raising
  • Facility Maintenance / Cleanup
  • Yard Crew

We believe you can make a difference.

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